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SEO – what is it and why is it important
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the digital strategy that stands between you and your audience. It is a series of organic marketing processes that you can do to your website that will see you boosted up the rankings in the search engine results page (SERP).
Websites need SEO not just to make them more readily accessible for the search engines, but primarily to make them more user friendly, faster and ultimately easier to navigate. Because at the end of the day, it isn’t the search engines that will buy your product or service, it’s humans.
So get potential users onboard with a winning website created by an award winning SEO agency. We will implement and carry out a search optimisation marketing strategy that not only optimises your site to make your users’ lives easier, but it will put you on the search engine’s happy side.
And no, SEO is not limited to a specific type of website, one built on either Magento or WordPress. SEO should be considered a framework for all websites, a set of processes that can be carried out both on page i.e. on your website itself, and off page i.e. away from your site.
These processes are governed by a wealth of rules and guidelines as laid out by the Google webmasters themselves or through SEO best practice. Because that is the thing about SEO, nothing is hard or fast.
Google changes the rules and updates their algorithms frequently. What was one day considered de rigeur can quickly become black hat SEO. And if you find yourself falling foul of the new rules, you can find yourself dumped unceremoniously back at the bottom of the ratings, or worse, not included at all.
Which is why keeping on top of SEO and abreast of all new Google algorithm updates and developments is our bread and butter. Bond Media work hard to ensure your website remains top the list and in line.
With millions of users searching for companies, brands and websites just like yours, you can’t afford not to optimise your site.
In fact,
Google dominates in the UK for search queries – 88% of searchers use it.
Users trust Google to present relevant answers in the SERP, so much so,
Research suggests that more 67% of users will click on one of the top 5 results on the SERP.
SEO boosts your website’s credibility and trustworthiness.
SEO provides a direct increase in organic traffic.
SEO can put you ahead of your competition.
How SEO works and the methods
Understanding how SEO works is vital if you want to increase organic traffic to your website and build your brand awareness. Or you can hand SEO over to the experts and lets us do the hard work for you.
SEO can be as simple as:
Researching keywords
Identifying the search marketplace
Ascertaining your user intent
Optimising your website to deliver high-quality landing pages with good user experience
Building domain authority and trust
However it is not limited to just this.
The process of SEO that each website requires varies dramatically niche to niche which is why our team of Bond SEO experts adhere to fundamental “best practice” on the back of research and big data.
Advanced SEO techniques can include:
Carrying out a full SEO audit of your website.
How will you know what needs optimising, what areas need more work in order to increase organic traffic and drive sales if you don’t carry out an audit?
In general, an audit will require you to closely examine your website and its overall performance in order to set new goals and implement tactics to let you achieve those goals.
For example:
Ensuring all pages have up to date SEO meta titles and descriptions
Ensuring each page is optimised for the keywords you want to rank for
Ensuring all of your URLs are simple
Formatting each page properly for both search engine spiders and human users
Ensuring all of your images have ALT tag
2. Creating fully optimised landing pages
Landing pages are the first thing a user sees when they click through to your site. A great landing page will dramatically increase your conversions. The more landing pages you have, the more pathways you create for users to access your site.
And landing pages are not your homepage.
A landing page is a staging location that you can organise many pages around a particular theme. A place that you want to send traffic to where you can give them a prompt to perform a specific action.
It is vital, therefore, to optimise your landing pages, because these simple designs can yield huge results.
Research has shown that businesses with more than 10 landing pages have 55% more conversions than businesses with fewer than 10 landing pages. Businesses with more than 40 can get over 500% more conversions.
Ensuring your website is mobile friendly
58% of all online searches are carried out via a mobile phone. The number of mobile search users surpassed the number of desktop users for the first time in January 2019.
Ensuring your website is mobile friendly shouldn’t just be one of your priorities, it should be your key priority. In fact, if you don’t take it seriously, don’t expect to get featured at all in the SERP.
Google’s mobile friendly update announced the search engine would be favouring mobile-friendly pages on mobile search results, in order to allow searchers to easily find the high-quality and relevant results they were looking for. With readable text that doesn’t need tapping or zooming. Where tap targets are spaced appropriately for mobile screens.
But then Google updated that algorithm to Mobile First i.e. if your site isn’t mobile friendly, don’t expect to feature in the SERP at all.
Employing deep links
A deep link is one that uses anchor text to link to other pages inside your website. Not only does this SEO technique serve to make navigation around your site easier for users, but it also shows the search engine spiders how your pages are connected, as well as providing context and enabling them to index more of your site.
Deep links mean you can improve the value of all of your pages, including the hard to rank for ones with tough keywords.
Linking to sites with a high Domain Authority
One of the best ways to improve your position in the SERP is to get your pages linked to from high authority domains. High DA websites are those sites in your niche that routinely take the spots on the first page.

What Bond media can do
Staying on top of SEO is a full time job in itself, which is why we have dedicated SEO experts on our team here. Our SEO experts understand Google’s algorithms and the impact of their updates and know how to stay on top of any required changed.
Some fun facts for you:
Every day Google users make over 3.5 billion searches. Granted these aren’t all in your niche, but a lot of them will be.
78% of all buyers will carry out an internet search prior to making any purchasing decisions.
75% of all Google users won’t click onto the second page of the SERP. It’s page one or nothing.

Bond service breakdown
All of our SEO campaigns and strategies are built to deliver strong organic visibility growth, drive organic traffic increases and inevitably, boost your revenue, conversions, ROI and enquiries.
Whether we’re designing and developing your website from scratch or giving your website an SEO makeover, all of our SEO strategies can be considered a full-scale advertising campaign. Each SEO strategy will ensure that the search engine spiders find you and drive exactly the right kind of organic traffic in your direction i.e. interested potential customers with money to spend.
We can carry out everything your website needs from SEO audits to comprehensive content marketing strategies. You can trust that Bond Media has a bespoke SEO solution just for you.
As an example of our services, we can provide:
Full on site and off site SEO audits
Search console keyword landscaping and opportunity analysis
Traditional technical SEO audits (we audit all websites including Magento and WordPress)
Bespoke SEO strategies based on specific KPIs or based on our own guidance
Content auditing and landing page auditing with specific recommendations
Landing page user experience optimisation
Engagement optimisation
Link building (high quality link outreach campaigns)
Trust building (citations)
Local SEO services
International SEO services

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