Website Design Process

Meeting to understand the goals, position in market, competitors and audience.
The first step in creating any website is to understand your brief and requirements – how you want the site to look, and what the site needs to do. Highlight the details of your company’s values, ethos and products.

CWD will consult with you to determine your needs, wants, preferences, industry, and company culture. Once established, they are integrated into a web design package that works for you.

Throughout the course of the project, we will provide you with status updates, and of course a quality project as the end result.

This is the part where we decide on design concepts, features, and marketing strategies that will be needed to achieve the goals we have set forth. We start out by defining the necessary requirements for your project. Wireframes and sketches are created, to lay-out interface elements.

Functional Requirements
This is your opportunity to list out the specific features that you would like your new website to contain. For example, typical specification items include:

Content Management System
Online forms
Social media integration

Professional Website Design